As we put a bow on the end of another year all of us here at Genesis Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine would like to say Thank You and express how Grateful we are to have such AMAZING people like you as a client.  

It’s so refreshing to see individuals get engaged and take 100% responsibility for their Health and create the highest quality of life for themselves while inspiring their family, friends and co-workers to do the same! 

It hasn’t been easy for any of us over these past couple of years but sometimes it’s the challenges and hardships that ignite us and even wake us up from the ‘slumber’ of being an innocent by-stander in our lives.

These difficulties can help us to realize that we CAN regain control through personal accountability and begin to adopt new habits and make new choices to improve our lives and our health.  

In other words, it can be these tough times that ultimately push us to move toward the activities, people, books, health promoting services, etc. that help us to re-align with our true self and progress toward becoming the person we want to be while creating the health and life we deserve!

Finally, as many of you are aware, the costs for many goods has increased over this past year and affected most of us. As a business that has been hit with price increases from a majority of our vendors we will need to adjust our fees for many of our products and services in 2022 as well.  

That being said, we will do our best to make sure these increases are as minimal as possible so we can continue to bring extremely high value for your investment in all the services we offer.

Because of these coming changes in 2022 we wanted to provide an end of the year savings opportunity for several of our popular services based on the current fee for service structure.

And so, as a way of showing our appreciation for your trust and support of our vision and mission we’d like to provide the below Health, Wellness and Weight Loss services with some HUGE End of the Year Savings as a Thank YOU!

Please see all end of year savings options below and Thank YOU again for your belief and trust in what we do! YOU are greatly appreciated!  

Have a Wonderful Holiday, Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Body N Balance Wellness & Weight Loss Systems:
If you wanna just start off the New Year with a re-set and detox following the New Year’s party then our 25 day plan is for you:

25 Day Plan Regular Investment: 1237 

25 Day Plan New Client Discount of 20% (Save 247.40) – 989.60
25 Day Plan Non Member Return Client Discount of 25% (Save 309.25) – 927.75
25 Day Plan Member Client Discount of 50% (Save 618.50) – 618.50


If you have the desire to get more weight off and even move toward overcoming a health challenge and/or reducing or eliminating some or all of your pharmaceutical drugs than the 50 day plan is for you:

50 Day Plan Regular Investment: 1787

50 Day Plan New Client Discount of 20% (Save 357.40) – 1429.60
50 Day Plan Non Member Return Client Discount of 25% (Save 446.75) – 1340.25

50 Day Plan Member Client Discount of 50% (893.50) – 893.50

**These discounted Body N Balance offers are valid through 12/31/2021 and clients may purchase up to 3 discounted plans (the same plan or mixed plans) per individual. 

You can start your discounted plan immediately or when you’re ready in the New Year. Whatever works best for your schedule!

And BTW…if you’ve already experienced the life changing benefits of Body N Balance and have a family member or friend that has stood on the sidelines and watched you lose the weight, get off the drugs and/or regain your health……and now they’re inspired to change their life like you have….then please share this email…..with these HUGE and limited time savings……NOW is the time! 

Also, if that Family Member or Friend lives in another State or cannot make it to our office……NO WORRIES!!  We can help them via our Remote Technology! In other words, it doesn’t matter where they live in the world! We’d love to help!

Spine and/or Joint Pain Evaluation, Xrays, ROM Testing and Recommended Action Plan:

1) Initial Consultation and Exam to evaluate all problem areas.
2) Any Necessary X-rays to evaluate all problem areas.
3) Computerized Range of Motion Testing of all problem areas with Comprehensive Medical Report.
4) Consultation to discuss diagnostic results and a Recommended Action Plan to achieve your health goals.

** All for only $77 (SAVE $400)

Vitamin C and Glutathione IV Therapy Package:

Boost your immune system, neutralize cell damaging free radicals, improve skin health/complexion, detoxify your liver and more…with this foundational Nutrient IV package!

This IV provides 8,000mg of Vitamin C and 2,000mg of Glutathione – 10 pack $1550 (SAVE $400)
** please note, if you have a sulfa allergy we cannot provide the Glutathione

Hair and Skin Health Packages:

If you are wanting to stop the hair loss and promote new hair growth (OR) you are looking to promote collagen production, reduce the wrinkles and improve facial skin health then our Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration and/or Facial are for you. 

PRP Facial with Microneedling and Skin Care Package:

1) 3 – PRP Facial Sessions with Microneedling
2) Our Genesis NON-Toxic Skin Care Cleanser/Serums 

  • Age 55+ Skin Care Products Included – 4oz Genesis, Cleanser, .5oz Vitamin C+ Regenerate Serum, .5oz, Vitamin A+ Regenerate Serum, 1oz Ageless Peptide, Serum, 1oz Hydration w/Hyaluronic Acid Serum and 1oz Ageless Moisturizer
  • 54 and below Skin Care Products Included – 4oz Genesis Cleanser, .5oz Vitamin C Regenerate Serum, .5oz Vitamin A Regenerate Serum, 1oz Boost Peptide Serum, 1oz Hydration w/Hyaluronic Acid Serum and 2oz Boost Moisturizer

55+ Package – $3285 (Save $900)
54 and below Package – $3180 (Save $900)

PRP Hair Restoration with Microneedling and Hair Growth Peptide and Nutrient Support Package:

1) 3 – PRP Hair Restoration Sessions with Microneedling
2) 1 Bottle of Zinc-Thymulin/GHK-Cu Peptide Hair Foam to Stimulate Hair Follicle Health and Support New Hair Growth.
3) 90 Capsules of Biotin/Saw Palmetto/Nettle Trifecta for Hair Follicle Health and Support of New Hair Growth.

Hair Restoration Package – $3607 (SAVE $900)

To receive HUGE savings on any of these services just call and purchase the package(s) of your choice by December 31st , 2021…these savings will go away at midnight of December 31st , 2021.

Call 720-795-7920 for details…OR….email us at to request a phone call, just provide the best number for us to call you back at.


Your Genesis Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Team

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