We are so proud to tell you are client success story for April – Albert Hernandez, please read his comments below. 

“I have lost over 30 pounds on the Body-N-Balance program through Genesis. But the bigger story is that my overall health, sense of energy, and relationship to food is now the best that it has been in my entire adult life!  I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2012 and my health seemed to get worse with each new blood sugar medication or statins that the doctors put me on.  

This disease severely affected generations of men and women on my mother’s side of the family. Shortly before starting this program, I lost my mother to the degenerative effects and long-term complications of her own 35-year battle with adult diabetes. One of mom’s final bits of advice to me before passing away, –was to make sure that I got my disease under control and not let the diabetic meds keep weakening my body, heart and mind!

 Not long after she died I found this program at Genesis and met Dr. Todd Cadwell. I must confess I wasn’t sure that I was going to accomplish the goals of my B-n-B plan because I lived each day in the crazy world of daily sugar highs and lows, along with the daily side-effects of six different diabetic meds plus taking multiple supplements just to counter the bad effects of several of these diabetes meds. I felt like a slave to these meds and to the massive hunger cravings and mood swings that clouded my vision, affected my family relationships and performance at work, and which had begun affecting my emotional well-being after years of battling diabetes.

Today, after several months on the Body-N-Balance program my Hemoglobin A1C is down from 8.3 to 6.6, and I am on only one of those diabetic meds with that daily dosage reduced now by half. The sugar highs and lows and hunger cravings are gone, and my morning blood glucose levels are almost always in the upper 90’s to low 100’s. There were some tough days at the beginning as my body was detoxing from years of being overweight and taking the standard diabetic cocktail of statins and multiple glucose lowering drugs, but Dr. Cadwell and the entire team at Genesis was so caring and consistently checked-up on me, –even when I forgot to check in with them. I’ve also learned so much about cooking and eating healthier, more wholesome foods, and about the right kind of supplements for my body’s metabolism and immune system. I sleep much better and my bodily aches and pains are gone. I can honestly say that thanks to the amazing benefits of the Body-N-Balance program, and the supportive team at Genesis, my body, mind, and spirit are in the best overall health in more than twenty years! My PCP is very pleased with my improved health. My late mother would be so happy that I was able to achieve a level of optimum health that eluded her for decades, and my adult children are all thrilled at my revitalized well-being.  Thank you Genesis!!”

–  Albert Hernandez


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