We are Steve (77 years old) and Gloria (74 years old) and we would like to share with you our health journey with Genesis, Dr. Cadwell and his amazing staff.

We have been married for 54 years!!  We both are active, love doing home improvements, gardening and outdoor activities together.  We love traveling with our two daughters and our four grandchildren.  Since joining the Genesis program, we do not feel our age, we feel younger, have more energy and just feel overall in better health.

Steve and I started this journey with the Weight Loss and Wellness Program back in March 2020.  It has been a blessing!!  Not only did we lose the weight we wanted but we really started feeling better from our joints, regaining energy we thought was lost and we are both sleeping better.  All of this improved, our overall health, in a few short months.  Our eating habits have improved and we know how to keep our health in line now.

It was fun doing this program together and a great learning experience.  As we watched the pounds melt away, we could cheer each other on and support each other.  We received so much information, great recipes, wonderful support from Dr. Cadwell and his staff.  We still keep a journal on our weight every day!

In addition to the weight loss program, we also have chosen to do the Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy which has been another boost to our active lifestyle.

We feel fortunate to have found the Genesis group and we would highly recommend these programs to anyone wanting to get back on track with your weight, health and active lifestyle.  It has been well worth the effort, time and dollars spent plus we have made some wonderful friendships with the caring staff at Genesis. 

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