My name is Ashley, I am 36 years old, happily married to a wonderful man with whom I share two children; step-daughter Emily 12 yr, and our 2 yr old, Ben. Since Ben was born I could feel my body getting weaker. This weakness was gradual- month to month it really wasn’t too noticeable! However, a year into gradual weakness & weight gain I started to get worried. I hadn’t started my period, I was emotional, irritable, and exhausted. I went to my PCP, had blood work done- tried some hormone therapy, but after this failed to solve my issues I was pushed aside. My PCP never called to follow up or suggest other options. I then started seeing a Natural Path Doctor who seemed promising. Unfortunately, after her methods failed to work I was brushed off again! Very frustrated I was back to trying to solve this issue on my own.

One year later,  (Ben is now 2 yr)  lots of money spent on supplements, books and crazy diets that did nothing; I found myself giving up. Literally, I did not care what I ate, what I wore and I tried to brush aside how I felt.  I hated cooking and eating. I saw it as a tedious task that just took energy and time that I did not have. My body felt weak, my muscles felt like jello and I had gained weight that really butchered my self confidence. My husband came home one day and I told him to clear out his closet of clothes that we were never going to fit in again. I was completely ready to accept weakness, irritability, and weight gain as normal.

Then I went to help my brother, Allen, (read his testimony) and he was bursting with energy, his mood was the best I’d seen since we were in our 20’s. I asked him bluntly, “What the hell? You are everywhere right now. How do you have so much energy?” That’s when he told me all about Genesis, Dr. Cadwell and his amazing staff. I immediately made an appointment for Mike and myself. 

December 10th, 2021 was our first appointment. We were greeted by two smiling faces, Gina and Ilona, who were so warm and welcoming. We then followed David back to get weighed with a tutorial of the program and what to expect. We met with Dr. Cadwell and went over our results, which were quite difficult to face! Through my tears of worry and frustration, Dr. Cadwell listened to both of us intently, learned what our difficulties were and with confidence he told us that he could help us get back on track. I was so hopeful, but also worried that my husband would not want to invest in the program (especially after how much money I spent on other doctors and supplements…) To my surprise and thankfulness- Mike was 100% on board with all of it. We then proceeded to get blood work and I got spinal x rays. Side note – these labs were all done in the office!! Which may not seem like a big deal to some, but this was awesome to me!! Not having to make an appointment and go to a different location to have these tests done with a 2 yr old… amazing!!

A few days later it was time to review our blood work and xrays, what a mess that was! No wonder I had no energy and my muscles felt like jello. How did the other doctors not see this? Or did they, they just didn’t know how to deal with it? Just a small glimpse – I had zero testosterone, zero progesterone, zero estrogen, low thyroid and more! Also, my back had some compression in my lumbar. This was going to be a journey. We were ready!

Fast forward to day 47 on the program…. I feel amazing!! I have energy, no more mood swings, my muscles feel alive! I’m running again, I feel like I did in my 20’s. I can keep up with Ben, I enjoy cooking because I know that it is nutritious food that my body specifically needs. December 10th, I started at 150.4 pounds, this morning 2/2/2022 (day 47) I am 137 pounds and wishing I didn’t give away my old clothes!!

Please don’t think this happened over night. It takes discipline! It is worth all the effort and I was never alone. The team at Genesis is genuine, supportive, and very caring- they will help you!! As far as my hormones- I am not completely done healing, but I am more hopeful then ever that Mike and I will be able to have more children. 
Our home life has improved immensely! Mike is the best I have seen him in years. He is clean shaven, healthy and kicking butt at work. Even after a long day at work he has the energy to help me with Ben, help Emi with homework and occasionally dance with his wife!

If you and your wife/husband are struggling with depleted energy, weight gain and overall apathy, try this program. It would’ve been so much more difficult without my husbands support. Gaining our energy and healthy bodies back together has been very unifying and exciting. Best investment we ever made and will continue to make!

Best investment we ever made and will continue to make!
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