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Biden vs. Trump. Dr. Mercola’s Radical Opinion

By November 3, 2020No Comments

I have been subscribed to Dr. Joe Mercola’s newsletter for over a decade and today’s resonated with me so much that I really felt the need to share it with you.

My wife and I were talking last night about how heavy the energy feels not only here in Colorado but around this country and the world for that matter.  

From an ‘Innate Sense’, aka Intuition, things just don’t feel right.

I listen to a lot of people talk about the things they are concerned about and it doesn’t matter if they are a democrat or a republican, they all seem to have the same concerns!  In other words, generally speaking, there doesn’t appear to be that big of a separation in terms of what really concerns people.

So why does it feel that we are so disconnected and far apart on the issues that a heavy censoring media is perpetuating?  

Take time to read today’s newsletter from Dr. Mercola and feel free to post your comments or email me back on your thoughts.

I, like him, feel that we need to engage in meaningful conversationlocally.  We need to start having less emotional based discussions and instead, take an objective look at what is really going on and what we, as individuals, families and local groups can do to really facilitate the change that we all desire……Click Here to read Joe’s article today, “Don’t Panic About Politics – Here’s Where Your True Power Lies

Enjoy and stay positive….we all need more of that right now

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