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If you’ve struggled to lose weight, you know what it’s like to feel hopeless … like all those fad programs and “Top-10 Weight Loss Tips” that work for everyone else but just don’t work for you.  Even though you try your best and follow the advice to a T.  You’ve even joined the gym, hired a trainer, quit the gym, rejoined the gym, hired another trainer but it still doesn’t produce the results you want and deserve.

You’re tired of watching the numbers on the scale—and on your lab results—move in the wrong direction, while your energy and motivation plummets and your self-esteem nosedives. You know you can’t keep going on this way, but you don’t know what to do anymore.

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We know and understand all of these struggles because we’ve worked with many just like you.  The good news is we can most likely help you like we’ve helped so many other formerly frustrated and hopeless individuals that were also weight loss resistant.

Our proven weight loss and health transformation program, Body N Balance™, has helped countless people just like you turn their health around, lose the weight and keep it off.

Allowing them to reclaim their health and live active and fulfilling lives.

You can do it too, and we’re here to help.

Body N Balance

Body N Balance

James lost 150 pounds—and has kept it off for over 4 years!—after a lifetime of struggling with his weight. But his benefits go beyond weight loss. James is off the “pre-diabetic” track he was on, his cholesterol levels are normal, and he’s feeling great! A few years ago he couldn’t walk to the other side of his office building without getting winded. Now he’s running—and winning!—5k races.

It’s not your fault that other plans haven’t worked

You can follow doctors’ orders—eat all the “right” foods, exercise until you’re blue in the face, drink liter after liter of water—and you can still be stuck at the same unhealthy weight.


Because most doctors—and most weight loss programs—miss the mark completely. They’re telling you to do the wrong things, and you’re left spinning your wheels, getting more and more frustrated each time the scale stubbornly refuses to budge.

Finally, you can lose weight fast … and keep it off for good

The Body N Balance™ program isn’t like other weight loss plans. Our experts have studied what works and what doesn’t, and have created a unique program that will finally give you the results you’ve been striving for and deserve.

Here’s what sets Body N Balance™ apart …

Individualized plan

One-size-fits-all approaches to weight loss simply don’t work. Why? Because your body is unique. It’s not like your mother’s, your neighbor’s, or your friend’s. That’s why so many of the traditional fad plans fail you and others.  They just aren’t addressing your body’s unique needs.

After reviewing your Body Composition Analysis, the key health indicators we will monitor and solidifying your ideal weight and health goals we’ll then perform our Body N Balance™ bio-communication scan to determine exactly what your body’s needs are, including the best  foods for you as well as supplemental balancers and key mineral, B Vitamin and metabolic support.  We then design a truly individualized and personalized plan just for you. The results are astonishing. Many of our clients tell us very early in their program that they simply haven’t felt this good in years!  That’s the beauty of a customized and individualized plan!

When you follow your just-for-you Body N Balance™ plan, your health begins to improve, the pounds start to come off effortlessly and you feel great!

No sweat, no exercise

Unlike other weight loss programs, we don’t saddle you with unattainable exercise goals as a part of your weight loss plan. In fact, during the Body N Balance™ program, we may ask you to limit, reduce or not exercise at all….again, the beauty of customization! Why? Well for many…and maybe this is you….exercise may actually be counterproductive initially. Certain types of exercise just aren’t right for some people that are struggling with weight.  Instead, we may just have you start with walking or something relatively low stress initially.  Ultimately, exercise is a great thing for all of us however, it may be something the so called ‘experts’ have told you to do in the past that just may not be appropriate for you right now. One of the reasons that other plans fall short is that they fail to recognize that exercise at this point in the journey back to great health could be doing you more harm than good.

Compassionate support

You know those weekly weigh-ins that come with a heaping dose of shame and disapproval if you’ve gained a couple pounds? You won’t get those here. There is absolutely no shame in our game. If you have an off week, we’ll support you and readjust our plan if necessary. No judgment, just collaboration and compassion.  In addition, you’ll have incredible support from our team as you move along your weight loss journey.

Scientific monitoring

For any plan to be successful, it needs to be based on solid, scientific information. That’s why with Body N Balance, we’ll monitor those key health indicators with regular Body Composition Analysis scans to tell us how your body is healing and improving. If the BCA show that things are improving, Great! If something is off then we simply adjust where necessary.

Real food

Many other weight loss plans require you to purchase and eat their prepackaged “food-like substances” or drink their “magical shakes’ in order to lose weight. That’s the opposite of the Body N Balance™ approach. Instead of making you dependent on us for your meals, we provide you with unbelievably easy and incredibly tasty recipes while also teaching you how to eat in the real world. Not only is our approach sustainable and realistic but it’s better for you too. Those prepackaged meals, snacks, and shakes are often loaded with non-nutritive chemicals and preservatives that can actually worsen and/or impede your body’s ability to burn fat and lose weight while they simultaneously contribute to more imbalances and worse metabolic function.

Lasting results

If you’ve been burned in the past by diets that wow you at first but then leave you back where you started—or worse, heavier than where you started—you may be hesitant to try again. But Body N Balance™ is different. It’s not a diet. It’s a way of life that you will own for the rest of your life!  Creating a Body N Balance™ becomes a lifestyle that feels so good you’ll want to stick with it for good.

Body N Balance

Body N Balance

Marianne was like many of our clients…she had done it all but nothing worked! Not with us….she lost 75 pounds with Body N Balance™ and has kept it off for over 3 years. When her doctor saw her for the first time after she started the program he said, “Wow! What have you been doing? Whatever it is, keep it up!” And she has … and at the age of 67 she feels and looks better than ever!

Take the first step toward lasting health and weight loss today

If you’re ready to achieve your ideal weight, feel empowered and live your best life then you owe it to yourself to try the Body N Balance™ program. Yes, you can lose significant amounts of weight—even if you’ve tried for years without success. But that isn’t the main benefit of the program. Your health is our number 1 priority and when we restore balance and support your body with what it needs not only does your health improve but you lose the weight too!

And so, like so many others before you, the greatest value from our Body N Balance program is in helping you to reclaim your life, live to your full potential and help you to finally feel at home in your body again…..or for the first time.

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