I discovered Genesis after moving to Arvada and needing to find a good local place for bio-identical hormones.

When I walked in, I soon learned that there was a chiropractor there too, Dr Cadwell. I had been going to a “chiropractic factory” place for a while where they do the same treatment every time, no matter what your situation, and hadn’t seen any lasting results.

I liked what Dr Cadwell had to say and even though it was not covered by insurance I saw the value it would provide my overall health, I wanted to have him treat me.

He looks at each patient individually and doesn’t touch you without looking at your X-ray. Wow! What a concept!

I had inflammation up and down my spine and bad neck pain. Since starting treatment last spring, my back and neck are so much better. In fact, sometimes I have to take notice to see if I have any spinal pain left at all!!

Then….I saw all the Body N Balance stories and info…Lose 20 to 40+ lbs in 25 to 50 short days! I was like “what’s that??”  I’ve been on every diet ever made and would lose weight but eventually, it would come back on. 5 lbs more every 5 years, is what I was seeing.  I was at my all time biggest, approaching size 14 pants! Yikes. I’m only 5’ 2”! 

I sat with Dr Cadwell and he explained the Body N Balance program and how any why he developed it. It all made sense to me. In May, I went on the 25 day plan and lost 13 lbs (10% of my weight).  I was back in my size 10’s and really, they were kind of big on me. I loved the body n balance plan. I had plenty of food, felt so good and hydrated and full of energy. The program was easy to follow and easy to stay on. After I completed the plan it was obvious that my metabolic set point had reset and I knew I would never weigh as much as I did before I started. What a relief!!

I had such fantastic results that my boyfriend, the biggest skeptic of all, agreed to do the body and balance program. He had never been on a diet in his life (lucky him!!).  He lost 25 lbs in 4 weeks and feels great! He is back to running and rarely naps anymore….He’s a believer now too!

I highly recommend the Body N Balance program. It is such a small amount of time in your life to be diligent, with such huge long lasting results.

With all the progress I decided to start doing the trigger point and PRP injections for a big knot in my shoulder. The results have been good but I know that I still have a way to go on that issue. I like that Genesis has so many treatment options to try. The PRP is a regenerative procedure and so the healing happens over time so I’m looking forward to the continued improvement!

It is such a pleasure going in for my appointments. Ilona and Gina are so nice and welcoming. Dr. Cadwell is so easy to talk to. David is the best ever at finding my small veins! And I look forward to working with Anthony as Dr. Cadwell has recommended I start with Shock Wave therapy to assist with my healing from the PRP and Trigger Point Injections! 

The entire Team at Genesis really cares. It’s always such a pleasant experience going there.

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