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Darryle Brown Awesome Transformation!

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Darryle Brown Awesome Transformation!

After years of trying fad diets, intense exercise regimens and pills, at 53 years old, I was met with failure at managing and getting rid of bad weight that seemed to linger and get worse over time. My metabolism was gone in my 30s. Skipping meals only increased the body fat as my body was not functioning as intended. My eating habits were terrible, my blood pressure was up and was on my way to being pre-diabetic. At the rate I was going, I was in danger of health issues down the road if I did not get a handle on my health. Being subjected to a bunch of medications was not the answer for me, especially with side effects that could further endanger my health. I needed another option to regulate my health.

I decided to give the Body N Balance Wellness and Weight Loss Systems a try. What makes this process unique is that is it not a “one- size, fits all” approach to health management which is where most systems, diets and exercise programs fail. The measurements and tests that they run at the start of the program which include the body mass index (BMI), body fat, body hydration levels and the visceral fat rating gives accurate measurements of each person’s unique body type and assesses precisely what a person’s body needs to achieve their health goals. .

Throughout the 51-day program, they monitor your progress from the very start and with the meal plans and supplements, you begin to see results within the first few days. You may experience a “shock” to the body at first (such aches and pains that feel like a health crisis) , but it is because the body is doing a “reset” to detoxify, rev up the metabolism and burn fat like it’s supposed to. Once it occurs, the aches and pains go away.

I learned more about my body from this process than anything else I tried and it educated me on why I could not achieve my goals for so long. I had a goal of losing at least 40 pounds and it is exceeding my expectations. I weighed in at 279 pounds and at day 33, I am proud to say that I am at 246 pounds for the first time in YEARS. That’s exactly 33 pounds of bad weight gone in 33 days! Following the program means it’s not uncommon to average losing up to a pound a day if you follow the program. My metabolism is on its way back and I am amazed that my eating habits have been the best it has been since my 20s.

Will it work for you? Yes! The reason why is because it will be designed for YOU. Once you understand what your body needs to detoxify, burn fat and rev up your metabolism to function as intended, the body heals itself naturally and safely in ways medications cannot. I am glad I found this program for one reason– IT WORKS! Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. May it change your life as it has changed mine. Contact Genesis today!

UPDATE FROM MY INITIAL NOVEMBER POST: I successfully completed the Body N Balance Wellness and Weight Loss Management System with amazing news. I went in for my most recent annual medical checkup and my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood pressures are NORMAL for the first time in YEARS. My doctor who was impressed with my numbers and told me to keep up the good work! This is the medical report and test results from the checkup that says it all:

“Your cholesterol results and other factors mean that you are at low risk of heart disease or stroke in the next ten years.
Your A1c (blood sugar) is normal.”


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