For the next couple of weeks I will be sending you ideas you could implement on easy ways to best support and boost you and your families immune systems. 

Obviously, this is a concept we should employ daily as a part of a healthy lifestyle but, with all of the concerns people are experiencing regarding this current COVID-19 panic it appears to be a good time to remind ourselves of how we can be proactive and best protect ourselves and our families during this outbreak. 

If you stop for just a moment and think about all of the chemical, emotional and physical stressors (including bacteria and viruses) that you and I are exposed to every single day of our lives….It really is incredible just how powerful our bodies innate abilities to fight off disease and sickness really is!  We are built to be healthy!

And when you realize this and then take it a step further and implement key immune boosting strategies then you are putting yourself in the best position possible to mitigate concerns during turbulent times like we are currently experiencing.

And so, today’s suggestion for a ‘Great Way to Boost Your Immune System’ is Nutritional IV Therapy.

What is nutrient OR vitamin IV therapy?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t consume your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, let alone experience their valuable benefits. Nutrient IV Therapy is a safe and effective way to receive natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids direct to the bloodstream. The 30 to 45-minute session enhances your energy, improves your overall mood, and helps boost immune system function to help in the prevention of health conditions caused by chemical/physical/emotional stressors (including bacterial and viruses), poor nutrition, and dehydration.

Are all nutrient IV infusions the same?

Not quite. Even though all Nutritional IV drips are administered using the same procedure the quantities and nutrients on each one are different, since they look to achieve specific goals (immune boosting, skin lightening, muscle recovery, mental focus, etc.). Today we will focus on our Nutrient IV’s to Boost Immune Function.

Here are 3 powerful Nutritional IV Infusions you can get right here in our office that will help Boost Your Immune System and naturally protect you from sickness and disease:

(1) The LiquiLift IV Infusion for Comprehensive Immune and Wellness Support

This IV drip gets you the greatest Immune boosting benefit for the buck and combines all nutrients for maximum impact.

Service Benefits: 

  • Obtain maximum results by receiving all of the vitamins and minerals included in other Liquivida IV drips.

  • Get a higher dose of B12 vitamins to give your brain clarity.

  • Get the right amount of micronutrients to reactivate cells that produce healthy looking hair and skin.

  • Empower your liver to detoxify chemicals, metabolize prescription drugs, and break down damaged blood cells.  

When you put the very best in your body, you empower yourself to do more with life. This is what makes us feel accomplished and fulfilled.
This vitamin infusion service includes all of the nutrients you need to not only feel your best BUT get the Immune System on high alert and ready.

(2) The Natural Defense IV Infusion:

Immediate Benefits: 

  • Avoid getting sick by fueling your immune system with high-impact nutrients to keep you resilient.

  • Obtain powerful antioxidants to fight against airborne illnesses floating around work or home.

  • Maintain a healthy nervous system and improve the cardiovascular function of the body.

  • Improve your body’s ability to withstand stress, intense levels of work or travel.

Don’t start worrying about your health when early signs of aging or sickness occur. Start doing something now! 

This vitamin infusion boosts the immune system big time. 


It can help you avoid expensive doctor visits and exams while living a longer, more fulfilling life while helping you avoid getting sick, allow for quicker recovery from exercise and maintain your high energy levels!

(3) NAD IV Infusion Promotes cell regeneration and improve cognitive functions.

Service Benefits: 

  • Higher NAD levels can help the body recover faster from injuries.

  • NAD drips can help reducing cravings and recovery time of your brain’s cells.

  • Speed up cellular processes and chemical changes in your brain to feel more focused.

  • Slow down degenerative aging processes at a cellular level.  

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a powerful coenzyme that plays important roles at the cellular level across your body. From improving cognition functions to boosting your mood, NAD is the holistic IV drip you’ve been waiting for.

NAD IV drips help keep your brain clear and your cells young.

But NAD benefits don’t stop there, this coenzyme is also involved in DNA and cell repair, which translates into healthier cells, faster brain recovery and more efficient energy production.

This nutrient IV drip is also known for helping people who are going under addiction recovery, especially since it assists the serotonin production process, making much easier to maintain a good mood, fight anxiety symptoms and lift the spirit.

Finally, you should try our NAD IV drips if you’re looking for natural alternatives to complement your age management program or if you are interested in exploring new ways to preserve your brain’s capabilities to achieve more of what you love in life.

If you have any questions about our Nutritional IV therapies and how they can help boost your immune system and protect you and your family from sickness and disease please call.  I will be glad to personally talk with you via phone call about the power of these IV’s for your overall health and well-being! Call us at 720-795-7920!

Make it a Healthy Day!
Dr.  Cadwell



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