Oil of Oregano – A Simple Way To Boost Our Immune System

Oregano oil is made from the oregano plant, known as Origanum vulgare, and is a flowering plant from the same botanical family as mint. Most people think of oregano as an herb to flavor food however; Oregano has been used since ancient times dating back to the Greeks and Romans due to its many immune boosting and healing properties.

In fact, research has shown that oregano oil not only has numerous immune boosting effects but it also contains tremendous health and healing properties as well, including:

  • Antioxidant

  • Anti-Bacterial (research has shown oregano oil being effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria)

  • Anti-Viral

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Anti-Fungal

  • Anti-Diabetic

  • Anti-Cancer

  • Help support healthy cholesterol levels

  • Treat yeast Infections

  • Treat Digestive issues like leaky gut and parasites – I put oregano oil in my dog’s food periodically if we notice diarrhea or digestive issues and clears it right up!! Works for us humans too!

  • Help with weight loss and/or weigh management

  • Pain Relief

What gives Oregano Oil get its Immune Boosting and Healing Benefits?

Oregano oil contains numerous phytochemicals (phenols, terpines and terpinoids) that appear to be responsible for oregano’s high powered immune boosting and healing qualities. In fact, biological studies have shown that twelve distinct phytochemicals from oregano exhibit immune boosting and support activity, of which Carvacrol is the most active, naturally occurring phytocompound in oregano and a potent agent that has a remarkable effect on boosting our immune system and promoting our overall health and wellness.

Make it a Healthy Day!!


Dr. Cadwell

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