The immune-promoting properties of mushrooms have been revered by ancient Eastern health systems for thousands of years.
And for good reason! Research continues to show us that the human immune system can benefit from the excellent support provided by the beneficial polysaccharides naturally present in several proven immunomodulating mushrooms.

Many of these studies have shown that consuming specific mushrooms will support our immune function by offering the unique immune compound, beta glucans, and by generally promoting the maturation and activation of both the innate and adaptive immune systems of the body.
The innate immune system can be thought of as the body’s first line of defense, responding rapidly to potentially harmful insults and foreign bio-stressors.

The adaptive immune system can be thought of as the part of our immune system that allows the body to distinguish between self and non-self. It is composed of highly specialized, systemic cells and processes that eliminate pathogens or prevent their growth.

Where does the power of the Mushroom come from?
The mushroom’s immune-supporting beta glucans are located within the cell walls of the mushroom and are protected by an indigestible fiber called chitin, which is extremely difficult for the body to digest.

And because of this, mushrooms should be either cooked, hot water extracted or fermented in order to release this potent nutritional payload.  And because of these processes it allows for the beneficial immune support compounds, such as polysaccharides, to be easily digested and immediately absorbed at their peak activity and in their most bioavailable form.

Fermentation is the top choice for mushroom processing because of its ability to break down chitin as well as provide beneficial post-biotic metabolites, which are the compounds created by the work of your healthy pro-biotics.

And these post-biotic metabolites, based on recent research, appear to be master health-regulating compounds in the body. Playing a major role in regulating every organ system, including your immune system and your brain…..and I would say that is good a thing!

So get your Mushrooms and Boost Your Immune System!
What is a good Immune Boosting Mushroom Supplement?
Here are 2 great products I recommend to get the Immune Boosting benefits of mushrooms!

Fermented Mushroom Blend – contains six different types of organically grown, high quality fermented mushrooms in their full-spectrum state and is ideal for maximum bioavailability, digestion and absorption.  It is in a powder form so it’s great to add to a healthy smoothie!

Reishi Immue – a complete biocompatible formula that includes superior quality reishi (raw concentrate, fruiting body), the famous plant of the ancients for super health, also referred to as the “elixir of life”.

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Make It A Healthy Day!!

Dr. Cadwell


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