Vitamin C – IV Infused – A Simple Way To Boost Our Immune System


With our emphasis being on supporting and boosting our immune system to handle the variety of stressors we encounter daily we have certainly been on heightened alert with this recent COVID-19 situation.


Over the previous 7 days I have sent you some simple ideas on boosting your body’s immune system so you can be proactive to protect yourself and your loved ones. Thankfully, there is already one nutrient that we can each leverage to not only boost our immune system but also to prevent and potentially treat the symptoms of coronavirus: Vitamin C.


How to Treat COVID-19?


The properties of Vitamin C, a nutrient that is readily available and safe for the body, may both prevent COVID-19 infection but also treat it in patients who already have it. In fact, clinical trials are taking place right now in China using intravenous Vitamin C to treat patients who have been diagnosed with coronavirus.


Vitamin C vs. Coronavirus


Vitamin C is a powerful and natural antiviral whose properties may help protect your body against the virus, minimize the possibility of the disease spreading and help prevent or treat severe acute respiratory injections.




Vitamin C is also one of the most famous antioxidants, which means that it can protect the lungs from the accumulation of mucous and fluids that may occur with acute respiratory infections, which is the leading cause of death as a result of most upper respiratory viruses.


And because of these benefits that Vitamin C provides to the immune system, increasing your body’s supply of this powerhouse vitamin and antioxidant may help prevent infection altogether. In fact, we already know that using Vitamin C can prevent other infections commonly associated with the common cold and other evidence suggests that Vitamin C can shorten cold symptoms in patients where it cannot be prevented.


For all of these reasons and the amazing history behind high dose vitamin C via IV infusion for immune boosting, Dr. Richard Cheng, a lead scientist in many of the Chinese clinical trials is calling for further discussion of Vitamin C as a viable prevention and treatment option for the coronavirus.


And just to reiterate, it’s important to note that the efficacy of Vitamin C is a result of its IV delivery. The benefits of nutrient IV therapy have been known for years.  With IV therapy we are avoiding the liver and digestive system where valuable nutrients can be lost or not absorbed, whereas vitamin IV’s allow you to directly absorb important nutrients into your bloodstream for maximum benefits.


Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who do not absorb important vitamins naturally via good nutrition/dietary practices or even oral supplementation. Fortunately, to ensure the benefit of a nutrient like vitamin C and assuring good absorption utilizing IV infusion or intramuscular (IM) injections is ideal. The delivery method, whether IV or IM injection will depend on the vitamin, mineral, or amino acids we want to get into the bloodstream.


There’s a lot we can all do to support our good health and boost our immune systems and we’re here to help. If you’re interested in trying a nutrient IV as a way to help protect yourself and your loved ones just all us at 720-795-7920 to get scheduled!


The IV I am recommending to all our clients interested is our LiquiLift IV – not only does it contain 25,000 mg of Vitamin C but it also delivers 15 different Amino Acids, Comprehensive B – Vitamins and 2,000 mg of Glutathione!


Make it a Healthy Day!!


Dr. Cadwell


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