Vitamin A – A Great Way to Boost Your Immune System

NOTE: The best way to get Vitamin A is through your diet.  Supplementing with Vitamin A should be done with caution and only in cases where known Vitamin A deficiency actually exists. Below you will see the best dietary options for Vitamin A and why strict vegans and alcoholics are at greatest risk of being deficient in this important Immune Boosting Vitamin.

For those of you that have taken control of your health with our Body N Balance program you have most likely learned the importance of eating good ‘Healthy Dietary Fats’ from the BNB program and how they play an important nutritional role for not only building healthy cells and making hormones but how these healthy fats are also needed for the absorption of the important fat-soluble vitamins.

These fat soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, and K, all of which are vital to important functions in your body.  For example, vitamins A, D, and K will work in a synergistic fashion with each other and various essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and zinc in the body.

And if you are wondering, some good healthy fat options to add to your diet would be coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, ghee, red palm oil and avocado oil….make sure you do not cook with olive oil as it does not tolerate heating and will lose its health benefits, instead drizzle olive oil over your vegetables or salads.  The other healthy oils mentioned above are great options for cooking with.

Now back to Immune Boosting!

Last week I sent an email on the importance of  Vitamin D (click here to read if you missed it) and so today, based on an inspirational video message from Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT PhD graduate and scientist,. I would like to share some info on the importance of Vitamin A and its role in Boosting the Immune System.

But first, click below to view Dr. Shiva’s inspirational video message on the importance of boosting the immune system and why we should be focusing on that as our primary objective right now as opposed to all of the ‘fear mongering’ that is going on… on image below to watch.

Vitamin A Health Benefits:

  • Strengthen the Immune System

  • Potent Anti-Oxidant and Free Radical Scavenger

  • Cancer Prevention

  • Heart Disease Prevention

  • Skin and Eye Health

Vitamin A Dietary Sources:

Vitamin A deficiency in the U.S. is rarely an issue and so taking Vitamin A supplements should be done with caution.  Instead, I suggest you focus on getting your Vitamin A from a healthy diet, including foods like:

  • Salmon

  • Sardines

  • Grass Fed Beef

  • Organic, Free Range Chicken Eggs

  • Liver

One last good source is Organic Grass Fed Cow’s Milk and Cheese….although many people have dietary issues related to dairy, even when from organic milk….so I suggest the others mentioned above as your primary source.

One last important note on Vitamin A is to understand that there is the immediately bio-available form of Vitamin A referred to as retinoids (retinol) and the less bio-available form of Vitamin A referred to as carotenoids (beta-carotene), which need to be converted to retinol by the enzyme beta-carotene-15,15′-dioxygenase, which is found specifically in the liver and small intestine.

And so, those with digestive related or liver related health challenges may have more significant issues with converting these carotenoids to the bio-available Vitamin A form of retinoids.

For example, the 2 groups in the U.S. that are most susceptible to Vitamin A deficiency – retinoid form – would be the strict vegans who avoid all animal-based foods and alcoholics that have liver congestion and/or liver disease.

Make it a Healthy Day!!

Dr. Cadwell


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