The Gold Standard technique.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Newer and less invasive technique.

(PRP) Platelets Rich Plasma

A new technique in which your own platelets are injected to stimulate new hair growth

Candidacy for Surgery
Surgical hair restoration in Denver CO. should only be performed on appropriate candidates. This assessment occurs during a hair loss consultation with a physician. In order to be a candidate, five basic criteria should be met. These include:

  1. A diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia (common genetic hair loss) or another condition that is amenable to surgical hair restoration

  2. First explored medical therapy and, if appropriate, given adequate time to see a full response (generally one year)

  3. Sufficient hair loss that it affects their aesthetic appearance

  4. Adequate donor hair to satisfy current and future needs

  5. Realistic expectations on what surgical hair restoration can accomplish​


What Age to Consider Surgical Hair Restoration?
Young patients should not consider surgery as a technique to prevent hair loss, as it does not block the hormones that cause genetic balding. Rather, hair surgery in Denver CO. is a restorative treatment to improve your appearance if other modalities have been unsuccessful or can’t be used.

There are no medical or surgical benefits to having a procedure at a young age. In fact, transplanting hair in young patients can create issues for the patient in the long term, such as depleting their finite supply of donor hair by distributing hair in the wrong areas of the scalp. Some young people will experience thinning in their donor area when they mature, and transplanting these persons at a young age will most likely result in an unsatisfactory outcome in their later years. Unfortunately, this condition, called diffuse un-patterned alopecia or DUPA, cannot always be identified at a young age.


We take great precautions to protect both our patients and ourselves from blood-born agents during the hair restoration procedure. 

A few words about us

Precision Hair and Skin Care  (PHSC) Denver CO. offers the latest in state of the art, hair restoration and skin care procedures. Hair transplantation in Denver CO. has been a well-accepted procedure for decades. Scientific and technical advances have helped hair restoration surgeons create a new era of  safe, consistent and effective transplantation providing natural-looking results.

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