December 31, 2019 – I was discharged and unsuccessfully treated for sepsis. I left the hospital with a change in insurance providers and was given the boot before I fully recovered (requiring a follow up surgery). I almost died that week. My condition was brought about by a weakened immune system due to alcohol abuse that had festered through years of working in a toxic industry.

Not only did my personal choices lead me to near death, but the sepsis exasperated my alcohol abuse by stunting my ability to regulate self control. I knew something was wrong, but the alcohol and the effects of sepsis blinded my ability to seek help, and unfortunately some loudly sang I was beyond repair and beyond God’s reach.

I can say, with life experience and formal education on the matter, that the traditional treatments in place to deal with these very serious situations are highly ineffective and perpetually continuing the cycle of abuse itself. Lie after lie, I kept pushing and looking through two more serious trips to the hospital.

During my final visit, my wife looked at me and asked me to be done; “I need you.” I remember very little specifics of that last trip, but I remember her desperate plea and finally something clicked. 

I started (led and allowed by God, family, and friends) research on treatments which led me through detoxes, rehabs, and counseling, religious and secular alike. None had any satisfactory resolutions. None had even a remote amount of genuine healing, and none even mentioned diet as a possible remedy. 

Then I found Genesis, Dr. Cadwell, and his amazing staff and support team. I went to Genesis to get help for a symptom caused by the years of abuse, but was not just given the option to treat that one specific ailment, but asked if I would explore an opportunity to try and heal (not treat) –  and for good. At the time I said “yea, sure” with a naïve curiosity.

I was desperate and needed to ask no questions. I only had some ideas of what I was getting into as I began a 50 day plan with Dr. Caldwell and his staff, but it turned out to be an amazing freakin ride I will never let go of.

They saw what many did not and reached out with the tools they had and were willing to guide me through.

January 1, 2022 will be my final day on the plan. I topped out at 289 over the years and now weigh 167. It’s amazing what a group of caring humans can do with God’s creation. Genesis has it going on.

If you are struggling with anything such as anxiety, depression, abuse, or flat out don’t understand life as you know it; go!

You won’t be disappointed if you follow the path. To the Genesis team my family is truly grateful, and to those who kept believing and praying I am grateful, humbled, and now healed.

I almost died that week…….
I almost died that week…….
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