Before marriage and having children, I was physically active. I ran 3 to 5 miles a day and loved to swim. I ate really anything I wanted and didn’t worry about my weight. Then, boom. I got married and we were blessed with 4 children within 5 years. My life changed drastically and so did my metabolism. Even though I was busy with all the things little children needed, I did little to attend to what I needed. Diapers, bottles, laundry, schedules, meals, lullabies, runny noses and tears turned into bigger booboos, more laundry, busier schedules with sports and less time for healthy meals The years rolled on and I loved every minute of being this “supermom”. However, I was so busy that I hadn’t really noticed how much weight I was holding. Truthfully, I ignored it. I tried many fad diets only to gain the weight back or more. My body wouldn’t respond to this yo-yo trick. I was successful in losing some weight and returned to old habits, losing hope that I could do any more. My children are all grown with children of their own and I decided that a “squishy” grandma is the best kind.

Then in Nov. 2021, I got Covid. I was given a steroid which spiked my blood sugar levels. I wasn’t a faithful patient at the Doctor’s office and having to follow up with a primary care doctor, he diagnosed me as either prediabetic or diabetic with my blood sugar numbers in the low 200’s. He prescribed Metformin and a couple weeks later Jardiance. The Metformin gave me great abdominal discomfort and I was not responding the way we thought I would. Hence the Jardiance was added. I have to honestly say that I was panicked with having to take this medication. I wasn’t convinced that taking this was the only answer.

I have a dear friend who introduced me to Genesis. My friend had completed this program and it literally saved his life. After visiting with the Genesis Team, I felt I had a very natural and hopeful option to become healthy. The staff was very friendly and pleasant. I never felt embarrassed or judged in any way.

The technology is confusing but I knew deep down that I had to try this. This program was configured for my unique body type and needs. I realized that this was really a great option and I committed to the task. This was absolutely the best thing I have ever done. Not only for myself, but changing my habits would enhance my relationship with everyone! I will say that I learned to love healthy food. This program helped me know the difference between living to eat or eating to live. As I watched the weight melting off, I also watched my blood sugar numbers dwindle. I had chosen to stop taking the prescribed medication and the numbers kept falling.

After a 50-day program, I lost a total of 29 pounds and my blood sugar numbers are in the 70-100 range. I couldn’t be prouder of myself! I did this!!!! Yes, with the help and support of a wonderful team at Genesis. I feel healthier and younger than I have in probably 35 years! What a difference! I am forever grateful for my friend to have introduced me to Dr. Cadwell. Thank you, Allen, and thank you Genesis Team for assisting a 61-year-old in living a healthier and wealthier life!!!! changes I needed to make.

 “I was so busy that I hadn’t really noticed how much weight I was holding”                     “I was so busy that I hadn’t really noticed how much weight I was holding”



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