Life is certainly a treasure and needs to be treated as such!

 When my husband passed away 6 days before my 60th birthday, I needed to start looking for a full-time job.  The moment I walked into the reception area at Genesis, I immediately felt like I was at home.   During my interview with Dr. Cadwell, the feeling was reassured and I knew I was in a safe spot.  Dr. Cadwell called me 2 days after the interview offering me the job to be their new Receptionist and I was overjoyed.  It felt as if my husband, who had always taken good care of me, was looking out for me still!

Genesis was the start of a new chapter in my life, little did I know how much this would change my world…for the better!

I truly enjoy observing Dr. Cadwell, his passion in what he does, how he helps others in empowering them to take control of their health!  It is absolutely amazing how thorough Dr. Cadwell is and the time he spends with his patients, he cares so much.  Shortly after I started working for Genesis, I started making changes in my own life.  The knowledge I was obtaining on healing the whole body in a natural way has been such a blessing to me. 

Every day I am watching patients grow and change their health and lives.  It is wonderful to witness how patients have changed before my eyes.  The way they are prior to starting any program with us and changes they make within just a few short weeks.  Patients look happy, healthier and their personalities blossom! 

I knew I could make these changes for myself, since working at Genesis I have lost 50 pounds!  When I started at Genesis, I was 195 pounds and was taking 4 different prescription drugs.  I am no longer taking drugs to keep my cholesterol and tri-glycerides in check.  I have gotten rid of the blood pressure medications and lastly, just recently decided enough is enough – no more Nexium! Dr. Cadwell suggested several supplements to support my digestion and little by little the heartburn has subsided.

Thanks to learning about intermittent fasting, the benefits of Vitamin B-12 injections and the usefulness of peptides, weight has just fallen off of me! Not to mention the benefits of taking daily supplements like Zinc, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and a few others that have helped me to keep my immune system strong.  I haven’t had to take any time off due to sickness and I know whole heartily it is because of the life changes and skills I have picked up since working at Genesis.

In addition to weight loss, I can finally look into the mirror without cringing!  There is a new spring in my step.  My knees & ankle pain has reduced tremendously with the weight loss, compared to what I was experiencing in previous years. 

Dr. Cadwell not only cares about his patients, he cares about his employees, HIS TEAM.  He is there for us with any questions we may have for him.  He shares his wealth of knowledge and is extremely inspiring.  I have a job, which is my home away from home.   

On top of all of this, I have found new love in my life!  Life is certainly a treasure and needs to be treated as such!



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