Inspirational Story for April – Jeff and Brenda Transformation!

Almost 60, but Feeling like 30!

In our youth, friends called us the “Ken and Barbie” couple.  We were fit, athletic, healthy, energetic, sexy, with high metabolisms; consuming whatever we wanted while maintaining our health and weight. Or so we thought?!  Fifty came and went, (menopause/andropause), and now we looked more like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!  We had low energy, little to no libido, and our health challenges started to show their ugly warts.

Jeff was diagnosed type 1 diabetic at age 30 and along with it, high blood pressure. I (Brenda) was challenged with osteoarthritis, gut inflammation/candida albicans and bloating due to the many antibiotics prescribed as a child.  Because of Jeff’s diabetes, and all the food counseling that goes along with it, we always thought we ate healthier than most – organic, non-GMO, farm to table, healthy oils like coconut and olive oil, grass fed butter, and preferred taking supplements as preventative rather than rely on Rx’s.  Many diets and smoothies were tried over the years, yet nothing helped us lose those extra pounds nor changed our health issues.

Together we decided it was time to truly take our health seriously and confess we had some bad habits (beer and pizza on weekends, watching too much tv).  Afterall, our goal was to live to 100+ with a sound mind, body and spirit but we’d lost our healthy lifestyle somewhere along the way. 

Enter in Dr. Cadwell’s team and their Body N Balance system to the rescue!

We were so impressed how the BnB scan showed our preferred individual nutritional needs for our unique bodies.  We taped our preferred beneficial food list on the fridge, followed the plan to a T, and Dr. Cadwell and team supported us the entire time – we could not have done this without them!  After that first week of detoxing, the weight just sloughed off.  We were losing .5 to 2 lbs a day!  Our bellies began to flatten, energy was back, health challenges were dissipating and we couldn’t keep our baggy clothes on!  Wink wink!

Jeff went from 80 units down to 6-10 units of insulin/day!!  His high blood pressure went from 173/106 to a normal 110/77 and we are replacing his HBP Rx with supplements to maintain it.  Brenda was excited to find deep sleep again since Jeff is no longer snoring nor has sleep apnea after the first week!!!  The aches from arthritis subsided, along with ropey muscle tissue and cellulite and my gut bloating and inflammation are gone.  Without the bags under our eyes and firmer skin, we look younger and our cravings for beer and pizza have been replaced with vegetables and lean protein.  And talk about feeling sexy again – YES!  We’ve cleaned out our closet and are down 2 pant sizes.  Brenda went from size 12, flew right past 10’s and now is in size 6/8’s.  It’s crazy how well this works, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually – we are more focused at work, as well as, focused on each other.  We just returned from a trip to Belize and it was a better honeymoon than when we got married at 26!

Our friends and family cannot believe we achieved these goals in only 50 shorts days and I tell everyone this was THE best return of investment we’ve ever made!   Like it’s quoted: “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything!”



Inspirational Story for April – Jeff and Brenda Transformation!


Inspirational Story for April – Jeff and Brenda Transformation!
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