I’ve lost 75 lbs, Charles lost 80 lbs AND…. we’ve both eliminated and reduced the need for numerous pharmaceutical drugs!!

Like many people, my husband and I had tried numerous weight loss strategies like Weight Watchers™, nutritional counseling and more prior to finding the Body N Balance program…. HOWEVER, unlike the other programs we’ve tried, the Body N Balance program has created results like nothing else and taught us a healthy living lifestyle!

I heard about Body N Balance from a KOA Radio ad and decided to reach out for a free consultation. When we met with Dr. Cadwell both my husband and I felt he had done a lot of research to create the Body N Balance program! The program was personalized and would work most importantly to restore our overall health.

Charles and I both achieved phenomenal results from the Body N Balance program. He lost 80lbs and eliminated several of his prescription drugs…which he’s stayed off of for the last 2 years! And I’ve lost 75lbs, eliminated the need for diabetic drugs and was able to reduce my blood pressure drugs as well, also for the past 2 years!

The Body N Balance program uses technology to address you as an individual and because of this, both Charles and I feel it was this customized approach that has been the key to our success. It’s not just a
one-size fits all program. The initial quick results are definitely motivating but the program helps you develop a lifestyle change that supports ideal weight and a life filled with extraordinary health! In other words, A lifestyle that is sustainable!

If someone is hesitant to start the program or think they can’t afford it, our advice is – what’s your health worth? You just can’t put a price on having great health. What would you spend on healthcare to manage your disease if you didn’t invest in achieving good health or improving your overall health?

Inspirational Story for March – Charles and Darlene’s Transformation!

What we really appreciate is Dr. Cadwell and his team’s philosophy on healthcare!


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