If you are reading this, maybe this could be your first step towards completely changing your life for the better; forever.   Are you worth it?

My first step was a few years ago when I came across Dr. Cadwell’s Genesis program.  I was on several meds, lacked energy and just figured this was because of aging.  I was wrong.  I lost 25 pounds as a sort of “side effect” to regaining my health by following the Genesis program.  I have kept 20 pounds off ever since.  I have not needed any of those or any medications and have a newly found energy level not felt for a decade.

At the end of 2021 I felt compelled to “detox” mentally and physically and reached out to Dr. Cadwell and the Genesis staff for recommendations.  It’s been roughly 45 days since that call, and I have lost an additional 22 pounds (goal was 10-15 pounds).  I am at my weight one year out of high school (in 1987).  The biggest comments from family and friends closest to me is that I look 20 years younger (see photos and judge for yourself).   What it feels like mentally and physically is hard to put into words; I feel like a completely better person.  Not just for me, but for those I have the fortune to encounter daily; family, friends, clients, neighbors; you name it.

I own two companies and knew “available” time could be an “X” factor.  But is that just an excuse? What would you say is your biggest step you’ve taken in life?  Was it worth it?  What may be holding you back?  Is a completely new level of health, energy, vitality, outlook on life worth it for you?  What about for your loved ones?  Take the first step and call the amazing Genesis Team.


“It is said that the most difficult step is the first one”                      “It is said that the most difficult step is the first one”                        “It is said that the most difficult step is the first one”

      BEFORE                                           AFTER

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