I did not start the Body N Balance program to lose weight. I wanted to see what it felt like to not be so addicted to sugar, dairy and flour products.  It was astonishing how fast my body reacted to not having processed foods. The fruits, protein and vegetables were all that I needed.

The mental clarity and emotional stability that I feel still continues to have me pause.  My work production is up, my meditations are deeper, my symptoms of ADHD are less and less.

While I did lose 13lbs, I am hoping to put back on at least three to five more pounds when I start to add healthy fats back into my diet.

I feel forever changed and at choice about the foods that I chose to eat.

Attached are pictures of a lot of my meals which were delicious.  It was a joy to put care and thought into each day’s meal plan.  It was the first time in a long time that I had an outward expression of self-love by not bombarding my insides with poison and processed foods and my body has responded with emotional intelligence, strength, clarity and determination to keep going.



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