IV and IM Therapy


Intravenous (IV) and IntraMuscular (IM) Therapies:

Intravenous (IV) Therapy

Increase your energy, eliminate fatigue, slow down the aging process, improve metabolism, lose weight, boost your immune system, optimize your health, detoxify from chemicals, microbes, heavy metals and more…these are just a few of the many benefits of nutritional IV and/or IM therapies.

Intravenous (IV) therapy is one the quickest and most efficient ways to give your body the nutrition it demands. With IV therapy the vitamins and nutrients go directly into your bloodstream bypassing the digestive system and liver to provide faster and in some cases more effective results.

With relatively recent advancements in the preventative health, regenerative health and age management arenas IV infusion has developed into an extremely popular and results oriented therapy that makes it possible for us to quickly improve nutrient deficiencies, rehydrate the body and revitalize your overall sense of well-being.

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Our nutrient IV’s are customized to support and/or improve your specific health goals and can provide a number of additional benefits, especially in cases that involve a chronic health and/or metabolic condition that isn’t being helped by traditional or non-traditional health care, diet or oral supplementation.

Some reasons why our clients love their IV therapy include:

Phenomenal vitamin absorption

Some people have digestive issues that affect their body’s ability to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients appropriately. With our IV therapy, you can be confident that the vitamins are completely and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream for immediate impact.

Reduce fatigue and boost your energy

Struggling with chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression or poor sleep then IV therapy can help you feel refreshed and energized.

Rehydration of your cells

Because our IV’s deliver fluids and nutrients directly into the blood stream it’s the most efficient way to provide your body with optimal hydration to support all of your organ systems, improve cell hydration and ultimately metabolic function.

Efficient return on time investment

We know you have a busy life and that it can be hard for you to do everything you want or need to do for your health.  With IV therapy you’ll get a big return on your time investment with this efficient health promoting therapy.  Most of our nutrient IV therapies will deliver gigantic nutrient delivery and a boost to your overall health in under an hour.

Nutrient IV’s to meet your needs

We have several IV therapies to meet your nutritional needs and/or health goals. Some of our clients prefer to do a deep dive into micronutrient testing to determine the best IV for their body, other just tell us what their health goals are….either way, we can support your specific nutrient needs!

The old saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ applies here

Nutrient IV therapy can play a huge role in helping a person not only feel well but maintain their overall health as well.. Consistent IV therapy can help prevent the development of many of the chronic health conditions that have become epidemic in america.

Fast results

Again, because we infuse the nutrients directly into the blood stream you can begin to feel the positive effects on your body almost instantly. Many of our clients report feeling the effects of their nutrient IV infusion within hours. Many experience increased energy, mental clarity, improved mood and improvements in physical performance after their infusion.

Great for professional athletes and weekend warriors

Many professional athletes benefit from regular nutrient IV’s, however; most of us aren’t making our living from professional sports but that doesn’t stop us from attacking our activities with a vengeance! And so, for you weekend warriors that want to maintain your active lifestyle but occasionally suffer with tired muscles, muscles spasms and fatigue then our IV therapy will replenish lost vitamins and minerals to improve your recovery time from exercise or intense workouts, to improve performance and allow you to get back in the game sooner!

Detoxify from the effects of environmental toxins….including heavy metals

Unfortunately the world has become an extremely toxic place.  And many of these toxins have become lodged in your body’s tissues which can negatively affect your health.  Our IV infusion therapies can help chelate heavy metals from the tissues and supply your body with antioxidants necessary to help it effectively eliminate toxins and fight premature aging and other disease processes.

Intramuscular (IM) Injection Therapy

At Genesis, we can utilize intramuscular injection therapies to deliver key vitamins and nutrients into the body via a muscle, which has a great supply of blood, to ensure the body absorbs the vitamin or nutrient rapidly.

IM injections can be done in our office or we can teach you how to self-administer at home for convenience and in cases where more regular IM injection therapy would be required.

Common muscular locations for an IM injection are:

  • Shoulder Muscle
  • Hip Muscle
  • Thigh Muscle
  • Buttock Muscle

Our IM injections include:

  • MIC – B12 (Increase energy and burn fat)
  • Glutathione (powerful anti-oxidant, improves skin health and lightens skin)
  • Vitamin D (lab testing to check current D levels required prior to this injection)
  • Vitamin B Complex (includes all 8 B Vitamins, which are B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folate), B12 (cobalamin). The B vitamins can help boost our immune system to fight infections, support cell health, red blood cell production, improve energy levels, eye health, healthy cognitive function, digestion and good nerve function to name a few.)
  • Vitamin B-12 (probably the best known of all the B vitamins, B12 supports neurological function, DNA production and red blood cell development in our body)

This method of nutrient delivery is an easy, convenient and effective way to support our health and well-being.

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