Early in my life I remember reading an article that offered a piece of advice regarding how to navigate the various challenges that will arise societally and personally as a human being.  
You may have heard it or read it as well at some point in your life.
The advice was simply, “look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.”
It would certainly be nice if life and the challenges that occasionally arise were as easy to circumvent as this simple piece of advice.
However, this statement has stayed with me since the day I read it and has in many ways served as a guidepost for me in terms of my curiosity and approach in both my personal and professional life.
I would say that I’ve always been a little bit of a ‘renegade’ as it relates to my innate wiring to question what is accepted as ‘normal’ and/or the ‘status quo’. Because of this I’ve constantly looked for viewpoints that were not perpetuated by the mainstream media but instead offered sometimes unpopular ideas that were supported by extremely objective data and just made sense to me intuitively.
In my almost 20 years of clinical practice my primary objective has always been to help people achieve the best health and highest quality of life they desire for themselves and/or their family. I certainly don’t know everything and will never claim to.  However, I will always push myself to learn and be open-minded to ideas that are not necessarily popular and in some cases may even be ‘villainized’ by the mainstream.
And this isn’t an approach I have taken because I want to be at odds with people, it is instead a philosophy based on the fact that I want the best for myself and my family and if we really were to take a long hard look back in history we would have to agree, especially in health care, that we have been wrong sooooo many times about sooooo many things, for example: 
* smoking used to be promoted in the mainstream as healthy – a camel cigarette a day keeps the doctor away – how many of you are still using that piece of popular advice to stay fit and well?
* how about getting a lobotomy to treat your mental health challenge?
….anyway, I personally feel it has been a healthy exercise for me to ‘look at what everyone else is doing and at least question it…and maybe even do the opposite if the data and my gut indicates!”
And so to end my pontificating for today and get to the point of today’s message I wanted  to share this extremely powerful interview with Brian Rose of London Real and Dr. Zach Bush.  London Real is a censorship free platform that I strongly support.
Dr. Bush has some incredible data and insights not only on virus’ and the role they play in our health but he also goes into data about antibiotics and their direct relationship to cancers and depression, why not a single case of cancer has ever been due to a shortage of chemotherapy in our bodies, the 2 pharmaceutical drugs that if you’re taking correlate with significant complications from Covid related to histotoxic hypoxia, why social distancing and a vaccine will make the pandemic worse……and soooo much more!  
Dr. Bush is a triple board certified physician in endocrinology, hospice care and internal medicine. He is a truly amazing human being with a huge heart and unbelievable compassion for humankind, so please, do yourself a favor and watch this interview with a completely open mind…..and have a notebook handy so you can take notes! 
So many of you have asked me my thoughts about what is happening right now and so I’m going to start sharing more information that you won’t see on mainstream news outlets.  It’s my opinion that we should be encouraging the freedom of different ideas and the free sharing of information without the fear of censorship or social shaming in order to move us forward as a species and let go of old outdated ideas that just don’t make sense any longer…..like smoking to be healthy…..as they say ‘the truth shall set you free”….so lets be seekers of truth and not just always accept the ‘status quo’.  
Just click the link below and  Enjoy the interview!!

Make It A Healthy Day!!

Dr. Cadwell


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