Fix the scars from outdated or poorly performed hair transplants

When you made the decision to have hair replacement, you thought your days of hiding beneath a baseball cap were behind you.  But now that you’re left with a nasty scar, you’re feeling more self-conscious than ever.

You may be wondering why you even sank all that time and money into the procedure to begin with.  This is not what you signed up for.

Let’s be clear: Embarrassing scars are not a normal part of hair replacement.

When done correctly—by skilled practitioners using the most advanced technology—hair replacement should look totally natural.  Unfortunately, older transplant procedures missed the mark and often left massive scars that persist years later.

Even today, some practitioners aren’t skilled enough to perform hair transplants without significant scarring.  Which is why it’s important to choose a hair transplant surgeon with extensive training and experience in the latest advances in hair restoration.

But regardless of how you ended up with your scar—and probably some regrets—there’s hope.

The good news is that hair replacement scars can be fixed.  At Genesis we have helped people just like you fix their hair transplant scars … and finally be comfortable in their skin.

How?  With a tailored approach using all the best tools available for each individual.  Using a process called scar revision, we are able to effectively remove the scar.  If needed, we can also use injections of fillers or cortisone to even out the skin.

The end result is a natural-looking, scar-free head of hair you can be proud of—finally.

Curious to see what we can do to fix your hair transplant scar?  Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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