Sexual Health


Sexual Health for Men and Women

A strong libido and healthy sex life are gigantic keys to our overall health and well-being. However, as we move through life our bodies experience various age related physical, chemical and emotional stressors that can negatively impact our sex life, self-confidence and relationships. Our sexual health and wellness services address the underlying dysfunction and imbalances that can affect both male and female sexual function.  Don’t give up on a healthy sex life, it can actually improve and be more enjoyable as we age!

Your best days in the bedroom are still ahead

Forget everything you’ve been told: Waning sexual desire and performance issues in the bedroom are not an inevitable part of aging.

Are sexual changes normal? Sure. In fact, these changes lead 3 out of 5 people over the age of 65 to give up on sex altogether.  But just because these changes are normal doesn’t mean you have to accept them.

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The truth is that there’s an alternative to the shame, embarrassment, and loneliness that come from so-called age-related sexual performance issues. With modern advances in integrative health, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a fulfilling and energetic sex life at every age.

At Genesis, our team has helped countless men and women who believed that sex was a thing of the past. With the innovative, science-backed therapies we provide, we’ve helped our patients regain their passion and connection in the bedroom—whether they’re just starting to notice a decline or it’s been years since they even tried for intimacy.

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Difficulty getting an erection
  • Erections that don’t last as long as they used to
  • Softer erections
  • A curved penis (Peyronie’s Disease)
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm


  • Difficulty finding the pleasure of arousal, even when you want to have sex
  • Little to no sexual desire
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Pain during sex

If you can relate to any of these symptoms, know that you’re not alone … nor are you destined to live a sexless existence. Just request a private consultation with one of our sexual health experts to discuss the many options we offer to help you regain this most important area of your overall health and well-being.  We are ready and waiting to improve your desire, arousal, and pleasure—without the pain and risks of mainstream treatments.

Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED

A revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT )will stimulate the repair of damaged penile tissues, open existing blood vessels, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and nerve endings in the penis and dissolve the plaques associated with Peyronie’s Disease. The results from AWT lead to improved penile blood flow and stronger erections.

Peptide Therapy for Men and Women

Peptide therapies will not only help with overall wellness and fitness goals but they can also increase sexual function, libido, and performance.

Hormone Balancing for Men and Women

Customized bio-identical hormones can reverse hormone imbalances that often cause decreases in sensation and sexual desire which negatively impact sexual performance and sexual function in both men and women.

M-Shot for ED

The M-Shot can improve erections, improve your sensitivity for stronger orgasms, improve sexual confidence, and even increase penis size. Simply put, the M-Shot will promote the growth of new tissue and create better erections.