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If you’re suffering from painful, achey or stiff shoulders that are affecting your ability to do simple daily activities or enjoy your favorite hobbies – it can be common to think of it as “just something that comes with advancing age”, it’s only a bit of “wear and tear” or “it’s not really that bad and it’ll go away on its own”.

Many people suffering with shoulder pain try stretching, resting, heat, ice, pharmaceutical or OTC drugs, steroid injections or maybe even just pushing through it – but it just doesn’t seem to get any better regardless of what they do!

If that sounds like you, then know, you’re not alone – our specialists here at Genesis Medical speak with patients daily that are dealing with these types challenges all the time.

When presented with invasive and expensive options, such as a shoulder surgery, cortisone injections and/or the continual use of anti-inflammatory or pain medications many people begin to feel like there are no good, nor long-term solutions for their shoulder pain relief.

The reality is, shoulder pain can significantly impact your daily life and keep you from participating in your favorite activities, sleeping through the night, participating in family events or just simply combing your hair.

At Genesis Medial, we offer non-surgical, regenerative pain relief options for shoulder pain suffers in the Arvada Colorado or Metro Denver Colorado area.

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Shoulder Pain

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder joint is actually quite a complex joint with substantial ability in terms of overall Range of Motion. However, because of this Range of Motion ability it is also susceptible to injury.

The shoulder’s ability to function fully is dependent on the health and function of our Gleno-Humeral Joint, AC Joint, Scapulo-Thoracic Joint and Sterno-Clavicular Joint. And in combination with the shoulder capsule, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles, the shoulder joint complex is more apt to developing a wide range of injuries and degenerative conditions, making Shoulder Pain a potentially more complex issue.

Some of the common shoulder problems include:

  • Impingement Syndrome: This problem occurs when a bony tip of your shoulder blade, the acromion process, puts pressure on the underlying soft tissues or muscular tendons, irritating them when you lift your arm up and away from your body. Over time, shoulder impingement can lead to bursitis, tendonitis and even rotator cuff tears.
  • Tendon tears: Tendons connect muscle to bone, so these types of injuries can significantly impact your shoulder range of motion. And lost motion creates a perfect scenario for degeneration of the joint. When you have splitting or tearing of tendons in your shoulder it can be the result of an acute injury or chronic degenerative changes. The tendons of the rotator cuff muscles are among the most common tendon problems.
  • Bursitis: This condition is often associated with rotator cuff injuries and/or tendonitis scenarios. It can be a very painful condition that occurs when the fluid-filled bursa sacs, which help to cushion the bones of your shoulder joint complex become irritated and inflamed.
  • Tendonitis: This often a condition that develops due to chronic irritation of a tendon that connects a muscle to a bone in your shoulder joint, such as biceps tendonitis.
  • Fractured Clavicle (Collarbone): A clavicle fracture is frequently due to a significant trauma or fall onto the shoulder. This of course can be extremely painful and create substantial loss of motion in the joints of the shoulder complex.

Additional shoulder pain injuries, diagnoses, and conditions:

  • AC Joint Sprain
  • Capsular Adhesions
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Poor Posture
  • Cervical Radiculopathy (Disc Injury of Neck)
  • Shoulder Muscle Weakness
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Labral tears
  • MDI (Multi-Directional Instability)
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • Shoulder Fracture

Can Shoulder Pain Come From the Neck?

YES! While the majority of shoulder pain cases are caused by a problem that affects the joints of the shoulder complex itself, there are cases where shoulder pain is a symptom of a problem in your neck. There are nerves that exit between each vertebra (spinal bones) in your neck and go to shoulders. If these nerves in your neck get injured or get compressed or irritated, it can cause pain that radiates down into your shoulder. This type of pain can be mild or severe, constant or intermittent, and may be accompanied by a noticeable tingling sensation.

What Might Treatment Look Like at Genesis?

Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Relief

First and foremost, again, our approach is 100% designed to KEEP YOU OUT OF THE SURGICAL ROOM and avoid the potentially harmful effects of long-term pharmaceutical and OTC drug use.

And so, once a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis has been made and we’ve determined that the individual is a candidate for our treatments, the Genesis Medical clinical team will then collaborate to determine the best plan of care for each individual case.

There are a large variety of shoulder pain solutions we offer, many of which can work in combination to help painful shoulder joint(s) to truly heal and repair. Here are some of the regenerative and non-surgical treatment options that may be considered based on specific case need for a person’s shoulder pain:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections (Viscosupplementation) to add necessary lubricant to a decaying shoulder joint
  • Pain relieving TP Injections targeted at the pain producing tissues of the shoulder joint(s) and/or soft tissues around the shoulder
  • Targeted Ultrasonic Sound Wave Therapy to break down scar tissue and stimulate repair of injured shoulder joint tissues
  • Manual Soft Tissue Therapy for myofascial and joint adhesions
  • Concentrated Plasma Injections to direct repair and regeneration of injured shoulder joint tissues
  • Concentrated Amniotic Injections to direct repair and regeneration of injured shoulder joint tissues
  • Concentrated Cellular Injections to direct repair and regeneration of injured shoulder joint tissues
  • IV Nutraceutical Therapy to support nutritional needs for injured shoulder joint tissues to repair and regenerate
  • Targeted Electrotherapies to decrease pain, reduce inflammation and stimulate repair
  • Red Light Therapy to Reduce Pain and Improve Circulation
  • Proprietary Shoulder Rehabilitation Program for strength and joint stability
  • Specific Chiropractic Care for the spine, shoulder and upper extremity joint complex designed to improve overall biomechanics and joint function.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to re-balance endocrine system dysfunction, decrease inflammation and increase lean muscle mass
  • Bio-Identical Peptide therapies to reduce inflammation and stimulate repair of injured shoulder joint tissues
  • Highly absorbable, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation to support the shoulder joints nutrient needs for repair and regeneration
  • Body N Balance Wellness & Weight Loss Program™ – an extremely powerful customized plan utilizing resonant frequency technology to specifically support the individuals healing and health restoring needs.
  • In addition, we’re always investigating ‘cutting edge treatments’ to add and ultimately offer at Genesis. So don’t be surprised if we suggest something not seen in the above list. It just means we ‘Got Your Back’ and we’re always on the hunt to improve the care we provide our wonderful patients!

If you’re ready to step into the future of Shoulder Pain Repair and Regeneration simply click on the button below or call us directly at 720-795-7920 and tell whoever answers that you would like to set up an initial visit to see if you qualify for our Customized Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Relief Program