Vitamin D and its role in COVID deaths

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For years I have talked with people about the importance of having their Vitamin D levels checked due to the plethora of research that
has come out over the years related to ALL of the important health and disease fighting benefits of optimal Vitamin D levels.
Below are 3 articles that are additional reminders of what we in Functional Nutrition and the natural healing world have known and of course strongly suspected as it relates to immune compromise in those with low vitamin D levels……

I actually sent out a post on the Immune Boosting Benefits of Vitamin D a few weeks ago, click here to check it out.
Here are 3 articles for you to read for yourself.


Vitamin D could help fight off COVID-19

Vitamin D linked to low coronavirus death rate

  Vitamin D appears to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates

If you haven’t had your vitamin D checked then now is the time….call us and we can either send you a test kit that you can do at home or we can get you in for a blood draw….the range I recommend based on the literature is to be at least in the 50’s, but I’ll often recommend getting the D number to the 60 to 80 range…but want to also support with other minerals and Vitamin K2 as well.  
Let me know if you want to discuss more on this or other immune boosting strategies for yourself or loved ones.  I would be happy to speak with you over the phone or we can set up a visit in the office.

Make it a Healthy Day!!

Dr. Cadwell

P.S.  Can’t make it to the office – Good News! We can Drop Ship directly to your home if you’d like to order any of our Immune and/or Health promoting products. Just call the office at 720-795-7920, tell us what you want and we’ll get it sent out ASAP!!

P.S.S  As always, if you have any questions on good, whole food, live source supplementation without added excipients or toxic tag-a-longs to boost your immune system or improve your health and wellness then please call!  We are happy to help and I’m happy to connect with you via phone or online consult to discuss your specific needs and or health questions!


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