In May 2021 I told Michelle (my lovely wife of 16 years) that I had booked an appointment at Genesis. Our initial appointment was met with skepticism. Even with all the doubt there was a level of certainty that we needed to change our lifestyle and change the way we view eating, drinking and living.

So, we signed up.

Michelle and I weighed in at 181 and 228 respectively on our first day. By the end of our 50-day program we had achieved our goal weight of 160 and 205 (although I went down to 197).

I was also on a lot of medications when I began. To date I have removed all but 2 medications, and I feel great. Michelle looks and feels fantastic and get compliments constantly, as she should.

Genesis and Dr. Cadwell stated on our first day that he loves skeptics. Continuing our journey with Genesis we now see why….we are skeptics no more.

Tim  and Michelle

….. We are skeptics no more
….. We are skeptics no more
….. We are skeptics no more
….. We are skeptics no more
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