I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with fad diets.  I knew they weren’t really good for our bodies for many reasons, but felt that they were useful for an initial boost when trying to lose some weight and improve health.  Through Genesis, I’ve discovered a better way to live!

Hi, I’m Mark and I’m 52 years old.  I was diagnosed with diabetes 14 years ago and have battled high cholesterol for even longer.  Along with sleep apnea, I was gradually getting heavier and heavier and more unhealthy every year.  The list of medications I was taking seemed to grow yearly.  I knew that the way I was eating was basically making me sick, but I was in a downward spiral that I couldn’t fix on my own.  I had a growing feeling that the medications I was taking weren’t improving my health and they definitely weren’t making any strides to improve my lifestyle.  Some of them were actually enabling me to eat poorly and feel better about it!  It all seemed so wrong, but I had no clue what to do about it!  Weren’t the medications saving my life?  How could I stop taking them?

In early 2020, my weight reached 280 lbs.  I started to have tingling and numbness in my legs and feet and was concerned about diabetic neuropathy, so I quickly changed my eating and started to exercise.  In my life, the only times I have lost considerable weight has been due to fear and anxiety.  So I lost 40 lbs. and definitely felt better, but was far from real health.  Then a year later, I had gained some weight back and my wife and I tried another weight loss program.  Again, I lost a few pounds and felt better.  I was able to get off of my diabetes medications, but I knew this was only temporary until my eating started to slip again.

That’s when I realized I wanted real health. For the first time in my life, it wasn’t fear that was motivating me to health – it was hope!  After talking to the staff at Genesis, I realized they were speaking about the same things I had been pondering for years.  Health looks much different at Genesis than it does in the traditional health and wellness circles.  It was refreshing!  As I learned more about their mission and discovered just how unhealthy I still was, my wife Michelle and I decided to start the Body N Balance program.  The change has been pretty dramatic for me, as the visceral fat melted away and my endocrine system has started to repair itself.

I’ve now lost 37 lbs. since the start of the program and 82 lbs. since early 2020!  I feel so much better than I ever have and am lighter than I’ve been in over 20 years!  My blood glucose and A1C levels are better than they’ve been in many many years.  In addition, many of my other hormone levels are either balanced, or getting into balance.  This is all amazing, but the exciting part is that I’m not just being tossed aside for the next case at Genesis.  The Genesis team are still committed to helping me continue to improve my overall health.  They’re not focused solely on weight loss, but rather, my actual health!  I love that.  I’ve never met any medical professional with this type of life changing focus.

I really appreciate the entire team at Genesis – they’re all so sincere, caring and knowledgeable.  I couldn’t have made this progress without them and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Weren’t the medications saving my life?  How could I stop taking them?                    Weren’t the medications saving my life?  How could I stop taking them?


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