To All of Our Amazing Clients,
What an interesting year 2020 has been! 
It’s definitely been a year that I will never forget and certainly one that has been filled with numerous life lessons…..many of which I’m sure I haven’t even realized yet!
And isn’t life interesting in that sense.  
For me personally, when I’ve been thrown a curveball in lifeit’s never been much fun when I was in the midst of the challenge that curveball created, however; if I were to look back on my life and be truly honest with myself, it’s been many of those challenging times that actually led me to a better place.
That being said, it certainly hasn’t made the challenges of this year easier for me or my family nor enjoyable for that matter!
However,  like other difficult times in my life I do believe that in addition to the important lessons from this year there are also many good things still to come from my experience of 2020, many I know will help me to be a better person.
All that being said, one of the most important lessons I’ve taken from 2020 is how important personal relationships are. 

And the personal relationships we’ve created with many of you over the last few months and even years in some cases, has on  our end grown to feel more like you’re all family!


Our appreciation for each and every one of you is way more than any of you could ever imagine and is certainly not easy to express, especially in an email message but I thought I would try anyway? As it is important for us to make sure you know!


And so, as we put a ribbon on the end of 2020 and move into 2021 please take the time every day in this new year to tell the people you care most about how much you love them….and byall means please give them a hug!  The importance of touch, especially in the world now, is so vitally important to our overall health – emotionally,spiritually and physically.

From the bottom of our Hearts and with a gigantic Thank You!!…..all of us at Genesis Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine want to wish You and Your Loved Ones a very Merry Christmas and amazing New Year!  
Dr. Cadwell and the  Genesis Team

Todd Cadwell

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