Are you living or just existing? A question I frequently ask myself.  Which led me to “Meaning?”  Which led to my role as a father, as a man and as a human being… I knew that if I wanted to reach my absolute I would need help. I gave up on my ego and surrendered myself to outside influence. I prayed about it and found myself at Genesis. I didn’t find another “Doctor” I found a family.  A team that provided me the knowledge and belief to literally regenerate.

For years I had been taking Adderall and a Thyroid medication. The same day I went to the Genesis Anti-Aging & Regenerative  Medicine clinic about 1.5  Years ago to see Dr. Cadwell, was the last day for any prescription medication. The outcome was night and day. The Genesis Team came up with a diet and supplement routine that has transformed me from the inside out.  The new routine brought on more energy each day. I wasn’t tired and the increase in energy led to an increase in passion…for the daily disciplines and my most important relationships.

When Dr. Cadwell suggested to check my blood work, we found that I was lower spectrum on  testosterone and my Hematocrit was high.  I wanted to give Bio-Identical Hormones a try and in order to do so, I had to bring my Hematocrit down.  The team at Genesis let me know what I needed to do, we stuck through it and I am so grateful I did!  Wow!!!! I felt like I was 21 again 🙂 The Bio-Identical Hormones improved my quality of life greatly. Physically and mentally I feel amazing!! Now keeping up with my 4 year old daughter, Tigerlily, isn’t as tough. She is my main motivator for keeping and growing a healthy body/mind. I don’t want my health to ever limit my family’s ability to thrive. Genesis gave me the resources to get off harmful prescriptions, regain control of my physical/mental potential and the energy to pursue a compelling, more meaningful life that allows me to contribute to a better future for all life, especially for OUR children.

Lots of love,


Gina Krause

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