If you are looking for a permanent weight loss solution that will forever change the way you feel about food and help you keep it off forever, keep reading.

I woke up one morning in early April and had the feeling I could no longer go on living in my body. I didn’t want to die, I just felt hopeless living in my body. When I realized I used the work hopeless I knew I needed to seek help immediately. Hopeless is not a word in my vocabulary. A friend of mine had gone through the Genesis Body in Balance program and lost about 65 pounds. I called him, got the number, and scheduled an appointment immediately.

I started the 50 day program 71 days ago today and am almost finished with the last phase of the program. I have lost 39 pounds and 39 inches and feel absolutely fantastic. I never once felt hungry, immediately began to feel an improvement, and have absolutely no cravings. Unlike any diet I had tried previously, this program is about getting into fat burning mode and gaining water weight, not losing it. The program helps to reverse your metabolic age. I honestly know I will never go back to my old eating habits. I feel way too good following this program. I am taking the summer off to adjust to my current weight and plan to do another program in the fall to reach my health goals.

In addition to the Body n Balance program, the team at Genesis assembled an entire health improvement program that I will continue with throughout the year. The result is that I feel incredibly joyful living in my healthier body. In fact, my new mantra is that I love living in a healthy body more than I love any food.

My primary doctor tells me I have gained all the health benefits that one gets from losing over 30% of their body weight such a lower risk for diabetes and heart problems, so any additional weight loss will be an added bonus. Plus I no longer struggle with acid reflux. I was taking two Prilosec a day and a handful of antacids just to get through the day prior to the program. I quit using them on day one of the program and have not experienced acid reflux since. I have been able to add back foods that caused reflux before such as tomatoes and red wine. (Yes, having an occasional glass of wine could be possible depending on the food list your body generates.)

I was a cheerleader in high school, always bouncing around until I reached peri-menopause. Through time my knees started having issues, I continually gained weight, my neck and back began to hurt, and I began to feel old in my body, losing any bounce I had in my step. Before starting this program I could not even play hop scotch with my grandchildren. This last Sunday I found myself dancing all around the kitchen with a major bounce in my step as I prepared my food for the day. I realized I had the health and joy back in my body that had been missing for years.

If any of this resonates, do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment today. You will be fully supported by an amazing group of folks who all have your health and wellness at the forefront of what they do! They are all so helpful and encouraging, there is never a day I leave the center that I am not feeling happier.

My plan to bring in 2023 is to have a date on New Year’s Eve, wearing an amazing new outfit that will show off my healthy body. You can make that happen too!


Yes! Yes! Yes!                      Yes! Yes! Yes!

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