You Don’t Have to be a Lone Wolf!You Don’t Have to be a Lone Wolf!
You Don’t Have to be a Lone Wolf
by Lisa Williams
This is a story about a lone wolf finding community… and health.
In early 2022, I made the decision to focus on learning to love myself.  In the past, I had lost weight (many times, only to gain it back) by being very rigid, strict, and hard on myself.  But because of spiritual growth, counseling, and coaching, 2022 was a year where I began to abandon self-hatred and to learn to see myself and treat myself as God sees me.
In 2022, I began to experience transformation in my soul and spirit.  Specifically, I saw that I had lived much of my 50+ years as a lone wolf.  While organizing and leading several events this summer, I began to see that I had gone as far as I could as a lone wolf.  To accomplish more and to fulfill my life’s mission, I would need to learn to work in collaboration.
Also, in the summer of 2022, I made the decision to stop drinking.  Alcohol had been masking the deep sorrow I carried after ending my 32 year marriage.  Through a soul work weekend, I learned that I was committed to sorrow because it made me feel alive and connected to God.  I experienced transformation as I realized I could feel alive and connected to God through joy.
In the fall of 2022, I began the travel season for my job.  I could tell I had new joy as well as clarity on collaboration, but the rigors of travelling pushed me towards unhealthy food choices and little-to-no exercise.  By October 2022, I felt really, really bad physically.  Honestly, I felt like I was dying.  A trip to my regular doctor revealed nothing out of the norm, except I was about 40 pounds overweight.  I ached for my physical body to experience the growth and transformation that my soul had been experiencing.
Enter Carolyn.  I saw my friend Carolyn at a spiritual retreat in November 2022 and was flabbergasted at her physical change.  She looked not only healthier and thinner, but she looked younger!  Over the course of the weekend, I learned about Genesis Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and their Body-N-Balance program.  Because I trust Carolyn and because she looked so healthy, I made an appointment to learn more.  During that appointment at the Genesis clinic, I was able to communicate what I wanted:  to have the joy and health I felt on the inside be reflected on the outside.  
During my first visit, I learned that my metabolic age was over 70 years old.  That was sobering.
After listening to the caring staff and then taking a few days to consider the program, I decided to do it.  The Body-N-Balance program was clear and thorough.  The support was constant and consistent.  They told me I would not feel hunger as I lost weight and I did not feel hunger.  I understood what to eat and what to do in simple, clear terms.  I followed the instructions to a T and anytime I had questions, I would immediately get support.
I had found collaboration towards health.
Today as I write this, I am 40 pounds lighter than when I started 88 days ago.  I am within my healthy BMI for my height.  My metabolic age is lower than my chronological age.  And I feel amazing – that’s the best part.
Working on my physical health in collaboration with Dr. Cadwell and his team has been an answer to prayer.  I have decided that ongoing collaborative support is what I need, so I am staying with the team ongoingly.
I hope that my story encourages you.  Health is attainable.  Pain-free living is attainable.  You don’t have to be a lone wolf.
You Don’t Have to be a Lone Wolf!You Don’t Have to be a Lone Wolf!
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