There was a time… oh, there was a time!  Four-year starting linebacker, breaking school and state records in power lifting, a triumphant doctor’s appointment every year or so where I was praised for my physique and health, confidence that bordered dangerously close to arrogance, and I could eat “ANYTHING I WANTED! I worked out like a machine and ate “till it ouches” for every meal.  

Well, eventually I found myself in an office.  My lifestyle calmed down but my appetite did not.  If that’s you – believe that I know the struggle FIRST HAND!  Then you throw a wife and kids in the mix and you buy a nice house and you get all settled in, forget about it!  I’ve always been healthy, I have the work ethic of an ox, sure I’m getting a belly but I have tackled so many problems in my life – it’s just not a big deal!  If and when I WANT to get in shape, I’ll just go do it someday when things calm down and I can give my body the attention it needs.  For now, I need to grind it out at work to feed the fam.  Yeah, when I get home, I’m whipped and can’t really play with the kids, but I can straighten all that out once I hit x number of dollars in my salary.  Oh, you hit that number? Well, you didn’t foresee this and that issue so keep it up because now that x has another zero on it.  Yeah, I’m only 32, I have a pretty large belly, my hair is thinning, and I’m pretty near completing full transformation from Bart into Homer Simpson, but I guess that’s just life!    

Then my brother in law, Allen, who is just a few years older than me, almost died… like 3 times.

You can read about Allen on this website and I’m telling you, it’s all real.  His story is so beautifully true that it brings tears to my eyes.  What he was going through was hell and it tore my wife apart.

Then, one day, my wife came home from visiting with Allen with her jaw dragging on the floor.  She told me he was like a spider monkey – everywhere around the house with endless energy and character she hadn’t seen since those golden days in high school dang near two decades ago.  “He’s been seeing this doctor, I want to go check it out,” she told me.  “Ok, whatever.  As long as it doesn’t take too long.  You just can’t understand, Dear, how busy and stressful my work is and I just don’t have a lot of time for this hippy health stuff.  Besides, I’m not THAT unhealthy, I feel generally fine” Man, was I a dork!         

So here we are at this Genesis place in Arvada, not far from my office, on a Friday before Christmas talking to some incredibly nice people who tell me they don’t judge, yeah… sure… they all say that.  One thing to note here, my boss at work is out sick and I have to pick up the slack… I’ve never felt busier or more stressed as I was feeling on 12/10/2021.  I’m thinking, “I’ll do this thing because it seems important to my wife, and it’ll probably take about an hour and I’ll just chalk it up as my lunch break, and back to the grind… gotta chase that next zero on the x!”  Well, this first appointment took a lot longer than an hour, so be smarter than me and prepare yourself for that.  It’ll change you life.

Ok, so we do my first body scan since high school… WHOA!  I’ve got the metabolic age of a 90-year-old?! My goodness, that’s just where the scale tops out – it is likely even worse.  I’ve got almost as much fat as I do meat, my organs are dangerously surrounded by the stuff, and in general I’m about as unhealthy as I can be for my age.  For years my mind was clearly thinking, “shut up body, I don’t have time for this crap.”  

So, then we run my bloodwork and it’s worse news.  I’m out of range on just about every category you can list and not by a little but by A LOT.  I’m thinking to myself, how am I still alive? And my heart? I’m actually in danger of a catastrophic event – that’s always good for the old grey matter stress calculator between the ears.  Come on by sometime and I’ll show you this first bloodwork report.  I’m probably going to have it framed and hung somewhere – It’s that absurd.  I guess I actually fell off that confidence cliff into the arrogance pit after all.

This info was hard to swallow, frankly somewhat unbelievable.  Alright… what do you got, Doc? I suppose I could lose a few pounds (HA!.. a few…).  Three hours later as I sit in Doc’s chair listening to him my leg won’t stop nervously thumping on the ground because I need to get back to the grind!  But sure, I’m listening… I’ll play along, its only 50 some days, no big deal.  

Driving back to my office on that day, stuffing my face with straight up junk, I never knew how much my life would change even just a few weeks later.  You can’t know it.  It is something you can only experience.  Doc’s staff angels (and you’ll be hard pressed to convince me that they aren’t sent from God) will tell you this, and you don’t really believe it at first even if you believe all the reviews and even if you know someone who has transformed like Allen.  You’re maybe skeptically hopeful, but… you know, I’ve got a wife, kids, and a stressful job.  We’ve all seen so much of societies underbelly, how many more surprises can you really expect in life anymore? Buckle up butter-cup, your silly little dream world is about to be ROCKED.    
Doc’s scan deal spits out this report that has sections for your body’s “responses” to the “questions” –trippy, right?  One of the first things that I noticed was this section where it gives you little sayings to write down in your journal for each of your 50-some days.  When I first read mine, my reaction was… this is some looney horoscope one-size-fits-all nonsense and I’ve seen these tricks before, can’t fool me, Doc (I’m not the only one I know who had a repulsive impulse, even denial towards the custom statements).  Then I looked at my wife’s journal, and my brother-in-law told me his… I was shocked.  They were all precisely accurate to our stress and personalities.  Not kind of, but exact.  Ok… day 3 and now I’m starting to believe, I guess.  

I will try just about anything and learn to like most things.  If someone out there can enjoy something, and I can’t, then it’s pretty easy to deduce that I am missing out on a wonderful creation due to some stupid form of internal stubbornness.  Just get over yourself and enjoy the world!  If you aren’t making the absolute most of every breath you’re blessed with, you are only cheating YOURSELF! Being open-minded is a liberating disposition.  I’m sure some of you out there will look at the custom diet Doc will give you and think, I hate this or that food… no way!  Well, take a chill pill.  It will all work out if you let it!  If you’re anything like any of the people I know who have done this diet, your tastebuds WILL evolve and you will be equally shocked and happy for this wonderful change.

I could go on and on.  Day 47 and I’ve lost dang near 40 pounds! I feel better than I can ever remember feeling.  My relationships have improved and I’ve even landed the promotion I have been hunting for the last 7 years.  I am more confident in all of my thoughts and actions.  I think CLEARLY again.  It is a feeling that is hard to describe.  You really don’t know it till you’re there.  This is a journey and the results will change your life forever.  

I WANT this life where apples taste better than cake.  I feel powerful when I eat an entire head of cauliflower raw.  You truly don’t know what you’re missing out on until you look back in astonishment at the person you used to be.  I wouldn’t trade this for the world, it has given me new life and it has already paid for itself. Go for it.  You’ll thank yourself later.

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